I'm an Aussie who moved to New York for love. Join me as I work my way through all my other loves: Travel, Food, Experiences, Art, Fun, Life, Stationery, Design with a dash of Marketing.

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My name is Tarley Jordan. I'm an award-winning integrated marketing director from Australia, who moved to New York after meeting the man of my dreams (who is now my husband) in a typical New York chance encounter.

I'm Armenian/Australian, getting my dark features from my Dad and my accent from my Mum.

I'm the oldest of four children and spent the best part of my youth bossing them all around - bet they’re glad I'm out of the country now!

I love snow, watching fairy lights sparkle, singing & dancing around the house, exploring, using funky stationery & office supplies, eating yummy food, falling in love then writing about it all on my blog

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