I'm an Aussie who moved to New York for love. Join me as I work my way through all my other loves: Travel, Food, Experiences, Art, Fun, Life, Stationery, Design with a dash of Marketing.

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Saying goodbye...and brand stories.

Since my last post I have quit my fantastic job at Morrisons, packed up my life into teeny tiny little boxes and it has become common knowledge that I am moving to the Big Apple.


Today happens to be my last day in the office, so I am saying goodbye to all of my co-workers, business contacts, and my beloved smart. I've been driving this little cutie for over 2 years, and I didn't realise how attached I was to it, until today I had to say goodbye. It has always interested me the relationship people develop with their cars. For a lot of people, a car is not just a mode of transport.

I have seen this especially highlighted during my time at Morrisons and working on the Mercedes-Benz brand where customers have been dreaming about the moment they can own their very own Mercedes for a long time. In some cases, since they were a child.

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My first post.

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asks pensively.
You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”
- Trina Paulus, Hope for the Flowers

So here we are, the first ever post on my blog. As I type this I stumble upon the realisation that I am now officially a blogger, in fact, by default, I am now also a writer, seeing as though writing is key to having a blog! In many ways I have always been one.

I plan to cover a number of areas on this blog, mainly marketing and advertising, but knowing my life and loves, there is bound to be an additional sprinkle of my food, fashion and travel adventures. I enjoy learning new things and sharing my discoveries and this is where it will all happen.

It’s time to give up being a caterpillar!

Welcome to Tarley Jordan.

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