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Morning Is Where The Truth Is, an exhibition by Nadia Ackerman

Nadia Ackerman amongst the works which form the exhibition "The Morning Where The Truth Is"

I am not an art critic, but I do know what I love, and what visual arts I appreciate. A true highlight of my week, I attend the exhibition opening of a collection of illustrations by Nadia Ackerman (who is also a fellow Aussie living in New York).

I found the exhibition quite inspiring and wanted to share the beautiful and whimsical drawings with you. I loved seeing how Nadia’s ideas and imagination comes to life in her work and what I learnt was how these innocent, childlike pictures have much deeper personal meanings.

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Discovering Columbus, through Dec 2, 2012

Getting to see New York's iconic statue of Christopher Columbus up close is not something than many people have done before. But I am lucky enough to say that I have - thanks to the Public Art Fund and Tatzu Nishi's first installation in the USA.

(Yes, that is a massive statue in the middle of a living room!)

Discovering Columbus in New York City, through Dec 2, 2012

If you haven't heard of Tatzu Nishi, then let me aquaint you quickly. Born in Japan, Nishi has become well known for making everyday domesticity extraordinary as he plays with scale altering our perceptions.

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