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[VIDEO] Let Technology Do The Heavy Lifting For You: Tips for Internal Comms, Digital Signage and Intranet Management

In my role as Global Marketing Communciations Director at Piksel, I was responsible for all internal communications, and the launch of a new initiative called Popsikel TV. Popsikel TV was Piksel's intranet, Popsikel, brought to life in each office via an internal communications specific digital signage system.

Here I speak with the team at Thoughtfarmer about why it was important to leverage technology to bring Popiskel and Popsikel TV together:


Using digital signage for internal communications

There are so many reasons why you would want to add digital signage to your internal communication strategy. At Piksel, we were looking for a better way to connect with our employees outside the confines of the intranet and email. 

But when you work in a small team, it can be a headache to wrap your mind around the extra admin work, double handling of data and on-screen content for many different systems.

That's why at Piksel, I worked to let technology do the heavy lifting for me. We didn't have the resources to curate and produce new content specifically for our new 24/7 internal TV channel, and we were already in a great rhythm of creating content for our Intranet. So, we made the most of our small internal communications team and streamlined our processes and resources.

My mantra: upload once, publish to many screens

I recommend that when you are looking to implement a global internal communications digital signage system, it's important that you look for technology platforms that work together so you can upload once, and publish to many screens. You might have hundreds or even thousands of screens to think about, and many different systems and platforms in the middle. Whether those screens are the personal computer screens of your employees or the digital signage screens in your offices worldwide.

Do you manage a digital signage system for your employees?

I'd love to hear what works for you. Share your story in the comments.