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Enjoying the Holiday Season in New York

My first "real" northern hemisphere "Fraser Fir" Christmas tree.

It's true, New York does Christmas really well. I have always loved Christmas, but experiencing the holidays in the northern hemisphere has really brought it to life.

All the words in the carols finally make sense - I do feel like I am "walking in a winter wonderland" and I really was "dreaming of a white Christmas" with every Christmas card I wrote.

Even better, hardly anyone settles for an articifical tree, when the real pine trees look and smell amazing and there are street vendors selling them on the sidewalk.

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Trees That Sparkle Atop Trump Tower

On New York City's glamourous Fifth Avenue, in the neighbourhood of Midtown, stands skyscraper which was originally the only all-glass structure in Manhattan when it was completed in 1983. Trump Tower rises 68 stories above Manhattan and is a mixed-use building with a combination of retail, commercial, residential and public space formed by it's expansive atrium.

But in my opinion, the greatest thing about Trump Tower is not what's inside, it's what's outside. In the most unique way, the architects (Swanke, Hayden & Connell) have created a "sawtooth" effect for the building and closer to the base this has been utlized to showcase a stepped plantation of trees, which are.....wait for it....covered in fairy lights!

As you can see in the evening, the trees (which are covered in fairy lights) have a spectacular fireworks effect.

This is a beautiful sight to see at night and a great addition to your stroll up Fifth Avenue. 


Trump Tower
721 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10019 
Best view is from the SW corner of Fifth Avenue & West 56th Street 


P.S. A little birdie tells me that during the holiday season Trump Tower's atrium plays host to a massive Christmas Tree to rival that at the Rockefeller Centre (without the crowds). I'll just have to wait a bit longer before I can see them both for myself and let you know for sure!


Love of Fairy Lights

Image courtesy of Flickr, by Flabber DeGaskey

I've been hiding a secret love. A love I've had most of my life, in fact, for as long as I can remember.

This love is of fairy lights. Although sometimes referred to as 'christmas lights', my love for them does not revolve around the holiday season. I am fully committed in my appreciation. I find them completely magical and entrancing and I'd love to share this fascination with you.

So join me as I take you on a tour of my favourite places where you can see the glimmering, shimmering, twinkling beauty of fairy/christmas lights...