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6 Tips For A Brighter 5K Color Run

After doing The Color Run, not just once, but twice, I’ve got some tips and tricks up my sleeve on how you can make the most out of the event and make your 5K run even more colorful.

  1. Take a before AND after photo. Although the memories will live on forever, the pictures are going to get the Insta-likes. Take lots throughout the race, but definitely take a before and after.
  2. Get there early and plan to stay after the run. Make sure you pick up your event packet before race day so you don’t have to worry about lines in the morning. Plan to arrive between 30-60 mins before the published start time so you can take in the energy around you. It’s a fun run for a reason so make the most of the music, crazy costumes and dancing before, during and after the race. Not to mention the color throws and dance party post-run.
  3. Bring as little as possible with you.  My kit contained a disposable bottle of water to drink on the way there and then put in the trash, a small armband pocket containing my house key, a credit card, ID, $20 in cash, and of course, my phone, essential for documenting the fun.
  4. Protect your scalp!  If you don’t want to spend the next few days scrubbing colored powder out of your center part, wear a cap or a wig (in white of course!) It’s a great way to look the part, but much easier to get clean in the days afterwards.
  5. Get as much color as possible. Keep your arms down and twirl as you move through the color throws to get a more even color placement – yes there is a strategy involved! You might want to hold your breath and close your mouth at the same time to avoid taking in too much powder.
  6. Finish line smiles. Position yourself by the Flo Foto camera as you cross the finish line and show the world just how happy you are to be done! Then around two weeks later don’t forget to look up your photos online to purchase a copy.


Have you done a similar fun run?

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Tarley Takes The Color Run


So I've been saying for a while, mainly to myself, that something has gotta change. After a year of living, working and eating my way through New York, I desperately need to focus on my health and wellbeing. On the cusp of Spring, I'm having my own awakening.

But I need a goal. Something that's not too far away to give me something to focus on. For some people it's a wedding, for other people it's a marathon. I found mine in The Color Run, or what's dubbed as the "happiest 5k on the planet".

On May 31, The Color Run hits Queens - my home borough in New York City. And this my goal.

To run 5 kms in 10 weeks.

I've never been able to get excited by running. As such I've never considered myself to be a runner. Probably because since high school I haven't been able to run more than one kilometre at a time - even at my fittest.

But, I love colour. Colour makes me happy. And I can get excited about running, dancing, and playing around a 5k track and being doused with colourful paint.

So my 5k adventure starts here, and ends with a very colorful rainbow.

I need all the help I can get. So please, keep me accountable, keep me inspired and help me reach my goal by sending me love and good wishes!


- Notes on the Color Run-

  • If you want to run with me in Queens, NY on May 31 or in Brooklyn on July 5, save $10 with this code: COLORNYC
  • The Color Run is GLOBAL and has runs in 30+ countries - yes, even Australia - find your city and country here to train with me
  • More than half of the Color Run's participants are first-time 5k runners, like me. No need to be scared off by 'the professionals' - everyone is there to have fun!
  • You start wearing white and finish plastered in color - what's not to love about that?