I'm an Aussie who moved to New York for love. Join me as I work my way through all my other loves: Travel, Food, Experiences, Art, Fun, Life, Stationery, Design with a dash of Marketing.

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CASE STUDY: Creating a campaign around a unique event.

I’m a big fan of creating an event or an experience specifically to engage customers and meet business objectives.

Late in 2010, whilst I was Marketing Manager at Morrisons Mercedes-Benz, we needed to sell a lot of luxury cars in a short space of time. From here, I developed a marketing campaign centred around a unique event, which not only exceeded all business objectives, but won me an Australian best practice marketing award (2010 Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Star Award for Marketing Excellence) and a trip to Hawaii for its results - more on that in another post!

Project: AMG Sales Event
Client: Morrisons
Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Year: 2010
Role: Marketing Manager, Morrisons 

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You've Got a Facebook Page, Now What?

Image courtesy of FlickrMarco Fieber

This post originally appeared on the website of irwinSolutions, where I contribute articles about marketing.

Use this guide to get the most out of your Facebook business/company page and engage your fans.

Get your Facebook profile right.

  • The cover photo area is a large space so take advantage of this and use an eye catching photo that shows off your latest product or an external of your business.
  • Consider using your logo for your profile picture for a consistent presence when you post content. Just make sure it fits within the square format that Facebook uses for thumbnails.

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3 myths of Social Media

Thinking about taking the plunge into social media?

A 2011 Sensis Social Media report found that in Australia only 14% of small businesses and 25% of medium-sized businesses have a social media presence. So if your not on there yet, chances are you’re thinking about it.

Everyday more and more businesses are rushing to get amongst the next big social network. Before you do, read our my guide on the 3 myths of social media.

It’s designed to give practical advice on how to bridge the gap between having an army of fans to rival Lady Gaga and the reality of putting in the hours to ensure your business remains relevant and respected.

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The secrets of blogging: 5 tips nabbed from Chris Brogan at Blogworld New York 2012

The first session I went to at Blogworld New York 2012, was Chris Brogan’s keynote at the end of Day 1, titled “Power Up Your Blog: Lessons Learned Over 11 Years of Blogging” and I was impressed. It was a fantastic session to start with.

First, let me introduce Chris Brogan. You might remember I mentioned Chris in an earlier blog post, as the guy who started blogging in 1998 back when it was called journalling. He continues to blog at www.chrisbrogan.com and is President of Human Business Works. He’s also become a social media expert and has recently authored a book about Google+ for Business.

Here’s the 5 best blogging tips I nabbed directly from Chris’s keynote speech:

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Blogworld New York 5-7 June 2012: an overview

Being in New York has opened up some amazing opportunites - one of which was being able to attend Blogworld NYC, held 5-7 June 2012. Held over 3 days, this conference and exhibition featured the best minds in new media, social media and all forms of digital word of mouth from around the world.

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