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Off the Beaten Track: Spring Cherry Blossoms in Queens


For me, blossoming cherry trees are a sign of Spring in New York.

There are surprisingly many places to see these beautiful trees bloom around New York City but some of the larger collections of trees – at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Cherry Hill in Central Park, and Cherry Valley at the New York Botanical Garden – are also the most popular and crowded.

What to do

I recently spent an overcast day exploring the cherry trees off the beaten track in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. This viewing spot is highly recommended for the variety of trees and unlike other destinations is not crowded or busy at all. The majority of cherry trees are planted around the New York State Pavilion structure and around the Unisphere, but there are plenty of other trees around the remainder of the park.

For a fun day out, suggest pairing the stunning pink and white floral display with a visit to the Queens Museum or the NY Hall of Science, both of which are close by or a picnic in the park. You could even play mini-golf at the Golf NYC 18-hole miniture golf course.


When to go

April - keep an eye on the cherry blossom watch reports for New York and take a gamble!

How to get there

Depending on where you are coming from the 7 train to Mets-Willets Point is probably your best bet, or driving and parking in the parking lot for the Queens Museum.