I'm an Aussie who moved to New York for love. Join me as I work my way through all my other loves: Travel, Food, Experiences, Art, Fun, Life, Stationery, Design with a dash of Marketing.

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Yoga For The Senses

AWNY Yoga in Central Park, led by Natalie Warner. Photo courtesy of inFORM Yoga.

I've done yoga off and on for a few years now in a variety of places and spaces. Gyms, studios, smelly heated rooms, with carpet, with wooden floors, the rustic, then glam, the simple and in cities like Sydney, Byron Bay and New York. One thing I had never done, until recently was yoga in the outdoors. And not just any patch of grass, mind you. In New York's Central Park.

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My First: Juice Cleanse, Day 1


Liquiteria on 11th and 2nd Ave in New York.


Mr. J was kind enough to buy me a 3-day juice cleanse as a pressie. I think he was trying to tell me to eat more fruits and veggies and although I put off doing it for 2 months, I have decided to bite the bullet and drink the juice!

Yesterday I went down to Liquiteria in the East Village to pick up the juices for my 3-day Level One Explore and Nourish juice cleanse. The great thing about this cleanse, is that it's all bottled up and ready for me to drink. No need to spend any time shopping for ingrediants, cleaning, washing and prepping, or actual juicing. When I am hungry, I just pop open a bottle and slurp away!

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My First: Marketing Award Win


Tarley Jordan (centre) receives the Mercedes-Benz Asia/Pacific 2010 Star Award for Marketing Excellence from Managing Director Horst von Sanden (left) and General Manager of Marketing, Gavin Allen (right).

Want to know the best thing about my first marketing award win?

It’s not the trophy, although I do admire the design with the Mercedes-Benz star elegantly sitting in the mould, front and centre.  It’s not the trip I won to Hawaii, although drinking Mai Tai’s on the beach at sunset with my best friend was a pretty awesome way to celebrate. It’s not even getting up on stage at the awards ceremony, although that was surreal.

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My first: Thanksgiving

Some of the Americans I’ve spoken to recently are surprised to learn that this year was the first time I have ever celebrated Thanksgiving. In turn, I am a little surprised to learn that Americans think Australians celebrate an U.S. holiday commemorating a feast between colonists and Native Americans...but moving right along!

My first Thanksgiving in New York (2012) was an unusually warm and sunny fall day - perfect for viewing the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. We caught the end of it and it was a great teaser to encourage me to again next year. Pure magic.

Strolling through midtown I stopped at Bryant Park, one of my favourite places in Manhattan where I discovered The Holiday Shops. It was easy to spend a couple of hours exploring and watching the ice skaters at Citipond. The Holiday Shops are very stylish seasonal markets in gorgeous little glass houses filled to the brim with gift ideas. If you have time, stop by Sabon for a complimentary hand scrub using their divine products from the Dead Sea. And while you’re wandering, sip a decadent hot Italian Milk Chocolate from the bald man who knows his chocolate, Max Brenner. You’ll regret it if you don’t!

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My First: Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Whoever tells you that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is just for kids has;

a)       either only ever seen it on TV


b)      hates the tourists and people that flood the streets of Manhattan

If you live or work in Manhattan it's easy to understand why the influx of tourists and people from the greater New York/New Jersey area who come in very early in the morning to stake a place to watch the parade would drive you to the couch instead of 6th Avenue.

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My first: Snow

Not long after Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy ravaged the tri-state area, New York City braced itself for another storm. This time (around November 7, 2012), we were told to expect a Nor'easter. A storm typical along the North-east coast of America with hurricane characteristics, accompanied with heavy rain or snow.

This Nor'easter came with snow, bucket loads of it, and I could not contain my excitement....it would be the first time I have experienced snow. It event made news on the company Facebook page!

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